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#1 Airbnb Property Management Dubai

How much more will your property earn?

Holiday Home Income Estimator

You can earn more too!

An elite Holiday Homes Service, Shosty offers our hosts a lucrative alternative to long term tenancy contracts.

Shosty's Airbnb Property Management, Dubai



Improved Investment Yield

Airbnb Property Management, Dubai

We create custom, short term management strategies that increase your investment property's earning potential.

From single homeowners to global real estate tycoons, our superior airbnb interior design and automated marketing technology are optimized to maximize your rental income. 

What's Your Strategy?

Buying Property for Airbnb in Dubai?

Where are the best places to buy Airbnb property?

Have you found yourself wondering how to implement an Airbnb Strategy?  Perhaps you've done some research on the best places to buy vacation rental property but are still confused about where to start.

Let our Airbnb Income Estimator answer your most pressing questions!

From bespoke marketing technology to what Airbnb insurance cover to buy, as an Airbnb manager in Dubai, Shosty will assist you in making a sound real estate investment.

Airbnb Income Estimator

Not all properties do well on Airbnb. Key parameters like size (beds), location, amenities and views have an outsized impact.

An Airbnb earnings calculator can provide an accurate financial projection using 'comparable properties'. Projecting occupancy rates and forecasting average daily rates, can be a daunting task for the uninitiated though.

Shosty's Airbnb Income Estimator ensures you're investing in the best Airbnb investment properties.

Alternatively, perhaps you're wondering whether a short term rental vs. long term rental strategy is right for you.

Request your free estimate.

Bedroom Apartment Interior styling by Shosty

Interior Design

Impeccable styling, means your home is sure to stand out - its essential to maximizing returns.

Our 6-step,
Turn-key Solution

So your pretty convinced that short term rental is right for you, but looking at an empty, run-down property has you feeling overwhelmed!

Don't stress.  We have the Airbnb property launch process down to a science!


From airbnb interior design and online profile development, to scheduling the annual air conditioner service...

Hosting has never been easier!

A Dashboard in Your Pocket

Holiday Home Management Company, Dubai

We are one of the few holiday home services in Dubai that thrive on transparency with our Hosts. From the moment a guest reserves your place, your real-time dashboard updates automatically.

Transparency is literally at your fingertips.

All you need to know - in one place, when it comes to your Airbnb management. Dubai holiday home finances, managed by Shosty, can be monitored by our clients at any time.



Review guest reservations or book your property for personal use. It's super simple!

Vacation Rental Management

A recent report by, a vacation rental analytics company, indicates that average daily rates in Dubai are the 3rd highest in the world.  For Dubai real estate investors, this presents an obvious opportunity.

For vacation rental property management services, however, this means the Dubai market is fiercely competitive.

For this reason, vacation rental managers must up-there-game!  Gone are the days where you snap a few photos on your iPhone, pop them on Airbnb and watch the money roll in.  Things have become more complicated!


Of course, Dubai vacation rental services should provide exceptional hospitality for your guests.  But in such a competitive environment, exceptional hospitality is not enough.  Sophisticated marketing tech that optimizes dynamic pricing and manages a property's availability are indispensable.

Want to learn more about Shosty's Dubai Short Let Management Services?

Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about the best places to buy vacation rental property?  

We Can Help!

What our hosts have to say!
Airbnb Rental Management, Dubai

"I love the flexibility Shosty provides - my Dubai apartment is my 'home away from home'" 

Noor, Beirut

Noor is a Shosty Host based in Beirut

We Are Airbnb Superhosts

Multi-channel distribution (Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia,, etc.) is essential to maximizing returns for any short term rental property - it ensures maximum visibility to potential guests.  That being said, the reality is that most reservations will originate with Airbnb.

This is where Airbnb Superhost comes in!  


Airbnb Superhost status is granted to any host profile (individual or professional host management company) that meets Airbnb's criteria.  In the world of online algorithms, every little advantage counts - and Airbnb Superhost status is most certainly an advantage that any short term rental investor should look to achieve.

Check out our Airbnb Superhost status here.

Meet Your Team
It takes an exceptionally managed and experienced team to deliver the best return on investment for the #1 Airbnb management service, Dubai.
Anne is Shosty's Guest Happiness Lead


Guest Happiness

"For many of our guests, their stay with us will conjure memories that last a lifetime.

Enabling them to experience our city in a unique and interesting way, is my team's North Star"

Khaled is Shosty's Revenue Management Lead


Revenue Management

"Our teams work hard to ensure your guests have an exceptional experience.

It's my job to make sure our clients realize the full value of all that work."

Sandeep is Shosty's Turnover Operations Lead


Turnover Operations

"My team manages over 50 million AED in real estate assets across 2 cities.

Every turn-over between guests involves a 200-point cleaning & maintenance check, documented with 20+ photos."

At Shosty, we aim to be more than just a solution for Airbnb hosts.


Built on foundations layered with years of hospitality expertise -

we are client-focused and performance driven!

In order to stand out alongside the numerous short term rental property management companies in Dubai, Shosty has honed its technology offering for those buying property for Airbnb.


If you're looking for Airbnb investment opportunities, and require the guidance of a professional Airbnb Service company, please do get in touch!

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Airbnb Management Service Dubai

The short let rental property market is a bounty of opportunity in Dubai.  Property investors can increase their rental income by up to 100%, when compared with traditional long-term rental contracts.  Let that sink in for a moment!

As Dubai’s elite Airbnb service company, we pride ourselves on keeping our short term rental management fees low, so that you can enjoy increased returns and our seamless range of holiday home property management services.

We handle everything from guest satisfaction to property maintenance. Our clients leave nothing but resounding reviews after experiencing the difference between running a DIY holiday home, and finally making the switch to our all-in-one solution for Airbnb property management, Dubai.

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