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#1 Airbnb Property Management Dubai

A meticulously managed short term rental solution

Young Male Property Owner - Client of Shosty


Shosty Host since 2020

Take it from Our Hosts

Shosty is an elite property management consultancy, geared toward finding creative, lucrative alternatives to long term rental contracts. 

Discover our creative, lucrative alternatives to long-term rental contracts.


Look no further than Shosty’s Airbnb property management - Dubai.

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Shosty Host since 2017


Shosty Host since 2016

Exceptional interior design & marketing technology - it means you'll earn more too!

Leveraging a short term rental strategy with one of the most trusted property management companies in Dubai, might just be the smartest financial decision you have ever made.

For investors in Dubai's real estate market, trust is the cornerstone of any successful property management relationship. Let us raise the bar, and in turn, raise your expectations on what are considered ‘maximized rental returns’ with the introduction of Airbnb rental management.


Dubai has much to offer the short term rental industry, and with a growing market for holiday homes, you too can maximize your returns.

Modern Apartment - Interior Design by Shosty

Improve your Investment Property's ROI with Airbnb Management, Dubai

We create custom, short term management strategies that increase your investment property's earning potential.

From single homeowners to global real estate tycoons, our superior interior design and marketing technology are optimized to maximize your rental income.

What's Your Strategy?

At Shosty, our company aims to be more than just a solution for Airbnb hosts. Built on foundations layered with years of marketing and sales expertise - we are ROI focused and consider our clients as integral partners.

In order to stand out alongside the numerous property management companies in the UAE, Shosty has honed its short term rental technology offering as professional hosting partners for those with Airbnb properties.

Our 6-step, Turn-key Solution

From interior design and complete online profile development, to scheduling the annual air conditioner service...

Hosting has never been easier!

Interior Design

Impeccable styling, means your home is sure to stand out - its essential to maximizing returns.

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Review guest reservations or book your property for personal use. It's super simple!

A Dashboard
in Your Pocket!​

We are one of the few holiday home companies in Dubai that thrive on transparency with our Hosts. From the moment a guest reserves your place, your real-time dashboard updates automatically.

Transparency is literally at your fingertips.

All you need to know - in one place, when it comes to your airbnb management. Dubai holiday home finances, managed by Shosty, can be monitored by our clients at any time through the use of our app.

Airbnb Rental Management Dubai.

What Our Hosts Have to Say:

"I love the flexibility Shosty provides - my Dubai apartment is my 'home away from home'" 

Noor, Beirut

Noor is a Shosty Host based in Beirut

Meet Your Team

It takes an exceptionally managed and experienced team to deliver you only the best returns on investment as the #1 Airbnb management service, Dubai.


Guest Happiness

"For many of our guests, their stay with us will conjure memories that last a lifetime.

Enabling them to experience our city in a unique and interesting way, is my team's North Star"


Revenue Management

"Our teams work hard to ensure your guests have an exceptional experience.

It's my job to make sure our clients realize the full value of all that work."


Turnover Operations

"My team manages over 50 million AED in real estate assets across 2 cities.

Every turn-over between guests involves a 200-point cleaning & maintenance check, documented with 20+ photos."

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Airbnb Management Service Dubai

The short term rental property market is a bounty of opportunity for property owners and investors to increase their returns by up to 40% when compared with traditional long-term rental contracts. It must start, however, with choosing the best channel manager for vacation rentals.

As Dubai’s elite Airbnb service company we pride ourselves on keeping our commissions low, so that you can enjoy your increased returns as well as our exquisite, seamless range of services.

We handle everything from the legal-side, over to guest satisfaction and property maintenance. Our clients have nothing but resounding reviews after experiencing the difference between running a DIY holiday home and finally making the switch to our all-in-one solution to Airbnb property management, Dubai.

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