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Sid, Mumbai

"My wife and I lived in Dubai for 20 years, before moving back to India when we retired five years back.

We stay in our Downtown apartment for 4-6 weeks a year, visiting our son and his family."

...Well Looked After.

"Opening our home to strangers was definitely not my idea.  My son convinced me it would offset costs and earn us some extra income.

Ironically, the apartment has never been so well looked after"


Q&A with Sid

What do you appreciate most about Shosty?

"I'm an engineer by trade and quite particular about things. These guys are SUPER when it comes to managing my place.


The slightest sign of a maintenance issue, and I have an email detailing the issue, and two or three proposed solutions with competitive quotes.  I can't say enough about how proactive they are."

What do you find most surprising after hosting for 2 years?

"When I go on vacation, I stay in a Hotel.  The idea of staying in a strangers home does not appeal to me. 


For this reason, I still struggle to understand how they maintain 85% occupancy during the summer months."

Meet Our Other Hosts


"Though I live in Beirut, Dubai has always been a second home for me.

I love the flexibility of accessing my 'home away from home'."


"My apartment was unfurnished and desperately needed a coat of paint.


In less than three weeks, my place was completely transformed and receiving guests.


"It became clear to us 3 years ago that many of our properties would deliver better returns using a short-term model (vs. long-term).


It's a mystery how Shosty maintains 85% occupancy during Dubai's scorching summer months."

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