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Agi, Budapest

"My 7th district apartment has been in our family for years.  It was pretty run down.

We first began discussions with Shosty in 2017 - it's been smooth sailing since then."

Budapest host with vacation rental partnership with shosty
Shosty host enjoying time in her shosrt term rental

The Change

"Our neighborhood underwent a big change in the last 10 years due to tourism.


We realized a few years ago that our apartment needed some 'love'.


In less than three weeks, Shosty completely transformed our place!


We knew then that this would be a worthwhile partnership."

Shosty designed living space in Budapest
Beautifully designed bedroom - Airbnb managed property
Kitchenette designed for vacation rental management
Pretty Property owner from Budapest

Q&A with Agi

How do earnings compare to long-term rents?


"At first I was concerned about this.  Shosty assured me their earning projections were made on real-world 'comparables'. 


The Dashboard clearly outlines monthly projected vs. actual earnings, and it always surprises me how accurate the projections are."

How involved are you with hosting?

"I had a long-term tenant prior to working with Shosty, and I didn't want to be very involved.  I actually have less to do now, because Shosty even vets and manages any maintenance for the apartment."

Meet Our Other Hosts

Shosty hosting partner from mumbai

"My son convinced me hosting would offset costs and earn us some rental income - hosting strangers was definitely not my idea.

Ironically, our apartment has never been so well looked after."

shosty property owner from Beirut

"Though I live in Beirut, Dubai has always been a second home for me.

I love the flexibility of accessing my 'home away from home'."

Duba-based portfolio manager from dubai

"It became clear to us 3 years ago that many of our properties would deliver better returns using a short-term model (vs. long-term).


It's a mystery how Shosty maintains 85% occupancy during Dubai's scorching summer months."

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