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Shosty is a professional hosting partner.  

We let you focus on what really matters!

ROI Focused.  Partnership Driven.

Shosty offers a proven alternative to long-term rental contracts!

Airbnb and the home-sharing economy have revolutionized the way people think about accommodation.  Despite an unprecedented drop in international tourism to Dubai, short term rental has remained remarkably resilient throughout the pandemic.  

From Digital Nomad's to residents experiencing job uncertainty, flexible living arrangement are in high-demand.

Is your rental strategy reflective of today's 'new normal'?
Attractive Female Shosty Property Host
Dubai-based Property Owner Walking Down the Street
Owners are our Partners – we succeed together.

Each host has slightly different motivations for hosting.​

We personally meet every host to better understand their objectives.

Our primary goal is to develop a strategy that creates value for every partner!

ROI Focused.  Partnership Driven.

Shosty Team-min.jpg

Are you satisfied with your strategy?

Young Couple Arriving to their Shosty vacation rental

Hosting can be more complicated than expected.

Local taxes and permits.  Outfitting the home with furniture. Answering guest questions at 2am. Cleaning and maintenance between stays.  


You need a host partner to do these things, so you can focus on more important things.

That's where Shosty comes in!

Our Team has managed 10,000+ bookings across 2 continents.


With industry leading design and marketing technology, we operate your home with the sophistication of a major hotel brand, while maintaining the charm of a private residence.

Shosty's Guest Hapiness Manager
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