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Fahim, Dubai

"My family owns a real estate portfolio in Dubai - we operate more than 20 properties.


Declining rents have really hurt our business in recent years, so three years ago we became increasingly curious about short-term rental as an alternative."

Dubai-based portfolio manager
Shosty Host walking near office in Deira Dubai

It's  a

"Our primary concern is return on investment.  We manage many properties, so professionalism and efficiency is important to us.  

We have properties all over Dubai. Shosty were very helpful in guiding us on which properties are well suited for short-term rental, and which properties aren't.

It's a partnership!  That was  clear from the beginning."

Beautifully designed living room by shosty
Shosty designed vacation rental in Dubai Marina
Short Term rental kitchen designed by shosty
Successful property manager in Dubai

Q&A with Fahim

How many properties does Shosty manage for you?

"We currently have 3 properties with Shosty, but we anticipate adding 4 additional properties in the next 6 months. In the right neighborhoods, there's a clear earnings advantage over long-term rental contracts."

Do you use the Dashboard? Is it helpful?

The Dashboard was critical for us, as we need to tie each property's financials to our wider business. Shosty even created a bespoke data stream for us, which provides reporting at a property and portfolio level.

How did Covid-19 affect your portfolio?

The first month after lock-down was quite scary, as prices really took a hit.  With all the negative press about tourism, it really felt like the end of short-term. 


However, after a month or so, reservations came back. Our Q2 2020 occupancy rate across our three properties was 92% and we met our pre-Covid revenue target. I've never felt more confident in the resilience of the short-term rental model.

Meet Our Other Hosts

Mumbai-based host with vacation rental property in Palm Jumeirah

"My son convinced me hosting would offset costs and earn us some rental income - hosting strangers was definitely not my idea.

Ironically, our apartment has never been so well looked after."

Budapest host with property in District 7

"My apartment was unfurnished and desperately needed a coat of paint.


In less than three weeks, my place was completely transformed and receiving guests.

Young femal property owner Beirut

"Though I live in Beirut, Dubai has always been a second home for me.

I love the flexibility of accessing my 'home away from home'."

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