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Noor, Beirut

"I live and work in Beirut, but have very close ties to Dubai. I have family there.


I started working with Shosty in 2016 when I bought my apartment in Dubai."

Shosty client enjoying her Dubai property
Beirut-based host enjoying her property with family

I Love the Flexibility!

"I spend at least two weeks a year in Dubai with family.  My apartment provides a great place to share meals and get together.

I love the flexibility of accessing my 'home away from home'.

With Shosty, I have the best of both worlds - a place to call 'home' when I'm in Dubai, and an opportunity to earn money when I'm not"

Beautifully designed living room interiors by shosty
Functional kitchen designed for vacation rental
Services apartment - bedroom design by shosty
Dubai Property owner enjoying their Downtown apartment

Q&A with Noor

How are your interactions with Shosty?

"I deal with the owner's directly. They are just as responsive after 2 years, as they were at the beginning. They're super easy to deal with and they treat my place as if it were there own!"

What do you find most surprising after hosting for 2 years?

"I thought for sure we would have "rowdy" guests on occasion.  Knock on wood, aside from a lost access card, the apartment is as well kept now as it was 2 years ago.

Would you ever try to manage hosting yourself?

"I'm super busy and I'd never find the time to do this on my own."

Meet Our Other Hosts

Elderly Mumbai-based property owner

"My son convinced me hosting would offset costs and earn us some rental income - hosting strangers was definitely not my idea.

Ironically, our apartment has never been so well looked after."

Attractive Budapest property owner

"My apartment was unfurnished and desperately needed a coat of paint.


In less than three weeks, my place was completely transformed and receiving guests.

Young real estate portfolio manager based in Dubai

"It became clear to us 3 years ago that many of our properties would deliver better returns using a short-term model (vs. long-term).


It's a mystery how Shosty maintains 85% occupancy during Dubai's scorching summer months."

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